Perception is not Reality

by Reality

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released September 5, 2013

Rottn n' Rich Records 2013
All songs mixed at Red Cup Studio except #1, 2, 5 & 6
Cover art created by BSiDES DESiGNS & Omar Weatherspoon



all rights reserved


Reality Chicago, Illinois

Reality - a student and fan of quality music. Inspired by big brothers Jeff & Dell to write his bio through lyrics. Listen to his reality.

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Track Name: Make It Happen
Verse 1

I foresee 43 hundred grand in my hand/
No frontin man but please understand,
I'll be damned to be another brova with cash & no plan/
Know what I'm sayin?/
I'm wanna roam like Romans/
Take life slow man, enjoy the sites/
Travel different destinies destroying mics/
If turbulence is stressing me,
Avoid the flight/
Currency blessing me, employed to write/
My boys is hype/
Giving congrats plus pats on my back/
No jealous cats/
Where my fellas at???/
Believe I got big dreams to succeed thru bug screens/
Behind the scenes,
Relying on rhyming means/
The eye of a king, flying to island scenes/
Maneuver, from Bermuda back to Cuba/
Recline the mind sometimes puff a lil buddha/
Mentally stray off, way off play golf on my days off to abandon chaos/
Drinks galore, before & after tour/
Martell on the rocks, cocktails with lime shots/
Forgettabout punching time clocks/
Rhymes got gold diggers hawkin but I checkin my blindspots/
Invest in stock/
Let dinero flip flop/
King of the crop, hit my moms with a green knot/
Lace my gps each with 20 gs/
My main squeeze sees, everything fame sees/
Lifes better just a jetta like my man steve/
Can't believe,
I'm sleeping good, eating good italian/
Swinging a, miniature medallion/
Freestyling, still got my raps by the bundle/
Eyes on the prize staying humble.. yea
Track Name: The Journey
Searched for courage found discouragement/
Vision blurry, worries were intense/
Convinced friends chose to ride the bench/
Couldn't understand what was their defense/
Donny caught the vision,
Bless him for that
The road of success, we were destined to stack/
Guess he caught a flat, Dell passed away/
My world was crushed...
The saddest day/
Had to stay strong for my granny & mom/
Just lost big bro, how do i plan to respond?/
I needed to grieve too/
Needed to breathe too/
Felt fam tuggin, trying to be a good husband/
Struggling thru it,
Committed to the process/
I know what Fred Douglass said about progress/
Now i'm a testimony/
Learned patience, focus being stressed & lonely..
Track Name: Hallelujah

Verse 1.

He was well traveled distinguished/
Mexican, second language was English/
On the run he fled Phoenix to the burbs feeling squeamish/
Ready to purge like bullemics/
They say he deserved his journey,
Most knew he'd be dead on a gurney,
Or under the jail in need of a suberb attorney/
The wrong side of the law,
He fell so easy bc the left side of his face was a glass jaw/
They say in life u only get what u ask for so he collapsed to the asphalt/
Like runnin laps on a crash course...
Oh by the way the poor guy was going thru a bad divorce/
Now he's in custody court/
He kept a bench warrant like he sucked at sports/
Summertime he rocked a tight polo tucked in his shorts like a fuckin dork/
Meanwhile fighting addictions from all the stuff that he snorts/
One smarter move & he may have been in South Beach.. laid up at a resort/ uh huh
He said he loves his kids,
Even tho he never felt love as a kid/
Always said he'd take a slug for his kids/
At the same time felt judged by his kids/
His eldest was 17,
A queen named Coretta King/
Did I mention she had a penchant for amphetamines? /
Nightlife & gossip sites,
A latch key kid just tryin to find out what her pops was like.. under the surface

I saw a homeless man in a pair of socks/
A young lady got married just to wear the rock/
Know a kid who's patriotic, but scared of cops/
Said the White House is racist, beware of Barack..

Verse 2.

He said let my emotions run/
I'm supposed to come, to some sort of conclusion why I'm not close to some/
And your looking at him for answers like he's the sober one/
I need a moment, let me speak upon it/
It sounds fresh coming out the speakers don't it?/
I digress,
I might address quitters who quit at the slightest test/
Until you've been beaten you're never quite the best/
Obstacles seem impossible,
The mission at hands the unconquerable/
At the end of the day, here's my response to you/
Put ya blinders on,
Get ya grinding on/
Like the old saying 'mind ya own'/
Roll ya sleeves up & pick both knees up/
But when times get tough man, u bet' not freeze up/
That's a note to self/
Do whatever it takes to hold the belt/
Its a heavyweight bout, with only one way out/
That's on my feet, I don't see any other options/
Losings an illusion/
Reduce the noise pollution/
Watch the chatterbox, who moves like that of a fox/
Do it for the love.. it don't matter bout the props/
Making a living doin what u love.. my gosh what a paradox....
Track Name: Sage
Todays a special day, i can feel it in my bones/
i saged my apartment got them demons out my home/
im cleaning off my zone/
kasz sent the text,
Like whats the meaning of the song?/
Follow the sample & bring my rhyme scheme along/
Then i turned off my phone/
Delve deep within/
When waters get murky somehow u gotta keep a grin/
Close ya eyes & let the Most High creep on in/ hahaahaa
Universal law/
the language works for all/
when we galvanize the troops sumtimes were first to fall/
I'll scrape my knee faithfully/
Take a beating for my team/
Thats what leaders gotta do or nobody follows u/
Summa u are cynical cuz they aint got a clue/
How to walk thru desert stoorm without a spot on u/ uh huh..
But u can borrow my belief/
Thru these instrumentals i'll find tomoros peace... yaa

Deeep in my sooul..
Come with me,
Be my one & only company/
Time travel , where the spirits run free..

V. 2
got a bowl of Captain Crunch/
put the milk back in the fridge/
Studied my goals before i attack my biz/
(My days started,)
So i cant be outsmarted/
by the distractions & (minor infractions/)
The PROcrastination ma no (time for relaxin/)
I study the miniscule,
No doubt, i know its small/
Detail-oriented thats just my protocol/
work hard, play harder like there is no tomorrow/
u gotta shake, the hate from up under ya/
So im planning to skate to (British Columbia/)
Friendly skies didnt even have to bundle up/
We took sum losses but never did we crumble up/
Everyone of us, was on that bus in 55/
fightin for our (rights) now we writing (life/)
If its freedom ya seeking,
T-Man is speaking candidly/
And even if we never met , yall still family/

Deeep in my sooul..
Come with me,
Be my one & only company/
Time travel , where the spirits run free..

Now im on these streets, Rogers to Wicker Park/
Not ready for the city of wind, get ripped apart/
Hipsters spark erb scent while Herb Kent (whispers in the dark)/
Another dude broke my sistas heart/
So i take her on the town,
Brown Lounge buying rounds/
Bopped to Peter Tosh til the scene was dying down/
Flyin out of town, got lost in, Austin/
Bbq was slammin, ambiance was awesome/
my partna in crime,
just touched down at Slauson..
Track Name: Something Told Me It Was Over
I shoulda listened to my lady,
when she told me I was off base/
my judgement was cloudy, had too many folks around me/
Who wouldnt throw a life jacket if I was drowning/
just there for the ride, prolly wouldnt care if I died..
welp there goes my pride,
I guess its on my sleeve/
so I wrote this my peoples with stories u wont believe/
Unbeknownst to me,
we were coming to a screeching halt/
The problems grew complex much deeper than we even thought/
People fought for me i'm at a loss on how to pay em back/
They taught being spiteful, was no way to act/

Fam saw whats happenin, they werent sayin jack
Amazing that/
the ones who supposedly have ya back,
Unknowingly be the same ones who leavin u layin flat/
& im supposed to pretend like im ok with that?/
Just bc theres no beef dont mean ur my favorite cat/
man lemme chill b4 i snap & have to take it back .. cuz ...

Verse 2

February 28, can U relate?/
A dark van drivin slow,
im like 'great'/
Im walkin south on ridge/
Saw these kids headin north,
The eastside of the street/
Face masked, hidin the heat/
By his waste line.. his partner didn't waste time/
Jumped from the back seat
So I ran like an athete/
Its snowing heavy like confetti/
The getaway driver steady revving the engine up like Mario Andretti..
I only had $2, the robbery was petty/
Was jetty til my right foot, slipped, not a bright look/
Its dark & hell is hot/
They took my cell and my watch.. then gave it back to me, my heart was pounding rapidly/
They said were hungry, & wasn't gonna harm me/
The fact that they were so calm, was quite alarming/
They took the wallet but didn't want my life/
Beginners luck, I struck 7 on the dice.... first roll but..